Various nature recordings by Bernhard Kroeger



  • About 10 miles southwest of Hana, Hawaii is Kipahulu and Whispering Winds Bamboo

    Whispering Winds Bamboo

    On a recent vacation to Maui I had hoped to make an ambient recording of the wind moving through a bamboo forest.  On the early afternoon of November 21, 2010 I received permission from Rich, one of the owners of this co-op to record on their property.  My wife found an area that had open clumps of black bamboo

    Open Clusters of Black Bamboo at Whispering Winds Bamboo Kipahulu, Maui

    that was creaking and clacking in strengthening gusts.  I set up my home made Jecklin disc

    Jecklin Disc with pair of MHK 20's and home made windjammers

    with a pair of MHK 20′s and recorded for 57 minutes when the wind died.

    Here is a 7.5 minute snippet.

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    44.1Hz 16 bit

    Sennheiser MHK-20′s

    Sound Devices 722

    I reduced some of the rumble (100Hz), but otherwise left things alone.   At 59 sec a bird can be heard which I could not see nor identify by voice.  If you can,  please let me know.

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