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  • Wind at Goose Lake

    A front moved through starting during the night with the wind whistling high through the pines in the campground.  I got up early and placed the Olympus LS-10 on a mini tripod about 5 inches off the ground and placed it in a blueberry thicket about 8 feet from the shore.  I was hoping that the placement would cut down on the rumble that results from high wind even with a fake fur cover for the microphones.  One can hear the wavelets lapping against the rocky shore and the wind gusts roaring high in the pines.  At lake level gusts measured up to 15 mph with a Kestrel 3500 and I imagine the winds were stronger higher up.

    Some rumble was unavoidable and I did not edit it out.  The rustling is from the blueberry bushes immediately surrouding the recorder.  At 06:17 one can hear a branch snap.

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    Published on September 21, 2008 · Filed under: WIND;
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